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Sicilmag s.r.l. is the brainchild of three young Sicilian entrepreneurs with dreams and ambition to create its own brand for the supply of furniture for both civil and commercial.

Despite being a new reality has acquired considerable know-how since both the founding members that employees whose services it uses boast a twenty year experience in the field

Our company has an operational structure of about 800 square meters to the production plan and design and administrative offices for about 80 square meters.

We have more modern instruments for the realization of our products such as numerical control and automatic edging machines that allow us to achieve production above average results of our direct competitors with competitive quotes on international territory.

The main feature sets us is certainly the reliability professional and the proper conduct of our business. Our quality is granted the use of cutting-edge products that will produce finished products safe and highly functional.

Professional competence is added adequate knowledge and experience regarding legal, ensuring the most high quality standards required in the design and manufacture of our products strictly observe the quality systems and respect for the environment under current rules.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction and the establishment, from the beginning, of a clear and quiet relationship.

Among our leading products we should mention: Civil furniture, and Commercial for Bars, Restaurants, Hotel Accommodation, Hypermarkets, shops in general. We carry out processing on Corian, Parapan and Acrylics


Civilian Furniture

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Hotel Structures

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